The monthly newsletter

 For 2020-2021


Return to campus,      Apparel,      Orientation

      The team is leading into the 2020-2021 academic year with ambitious goals. We had a successful orientation launch with over 60 curious attendees and the majority of those joining the team and many more observers found us on their own volition. We are excited to bring these new members onto the team and introduce them with our internal systems to educate, develop, and innovate our 2021 car. While we spawned recruitment in August, our design team transitioned the car and major elements that they

 deem necessary to be work efficient back into the Car Corner as a strategy for quick evaluation if campus is to close for quarantine again. A few pictures in our figure below display this process. 

     The official team apparel has also been released and is now listed for any surrounding supporters to purchase. Our system to disperse these items will be coordinated through a time sheet for members to have the personal leisure to decide when and where they wish to get their gear. Unfortunately, we do not ship or deliver our gear unless under special circumstances, so do not expect this service if you are an outside supporter. 

     For the 



Texcraft,          Car progress,        House-keeping

     The Red Raider Racing team initiated its return to working on the 2020 car on July 6th, at an off campus location where it was stored since before Spring Break of 2020 in order to have access due to COVID-19 and the quarantine shutdown. This location was provided by our sponsor Texcraft, and it was a necessary transition to use their location since the regular facilities. technologies, and occupancies on campus that we utilized were no longer accessible. Things like 3D printing, fabricating, and most importantly having a designated private space (the car corner) to work.

     With our return to the 2020 car we also took intiaitives with our administrative strategies to deploy many resources for renewing our trailer, creating apparel, restocking office supplies, and other minor house-keeping essentials to properly prepare ourselves for our orientation initiation. And the Design members have spent hours welding, installing the differential, creating a handbook and also maintaining a clean work space at Texcraft to respect their gift to us. Obstacle after obstacle the team pushed forward dedicating and scheduling themselves to properly balance their time with other activities while participating with the car's development.

     Each year the team elects new leaders, and Emma Martinez (our new President) has given the team vision, coordination and continued Red Raider Racing tradition over the course of this summer by properly communicating and executing goals. This is a massive hurdle that still haunts the team daily, because it is a daily process to keep the organization alive. The figure on this page cycles through various pictures, and one of them displays our External Relations Officer who is not a S.T.E.M. major practice welding! Something he hasn't done since middle school, a direct example of how anyone has a chance to get hands on experience in this organization. 

     The team members who participated during our time at Texcraft this summer have made it possible to begin a new chapter with promising opportunities for all joining members and existing members. We overcame each hurdling obstacle, and eliminated delaying factors that could have suppressed our orientation invitations to the team or year events.