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To become a member you will need to register yourself on our Tech Connect profile, then pay the $40 membership fee to get instant access into our tight community, technical meetings, and exclusive portfolio expansion opportunities. Once becoming a member on Tech Connect you will begin receiving email invites to our general meetings and opportunities to affiliate yourself with the admin team or design team. All of the perks below will also be accessible per your paid membership. 

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INFO Sessions

As a member of the team you will be invited to INFO session seminars that will consist of external industry professionals to elaborate upon their real life experiences and strives. These are great student guidance opportunities, and sometimes can be direct employers!


Car Corner Access

The Car Corner is the area on campus where our team both houses and works on the car. It is located at the Mechanical Engineering building, and here we can weld, use machine & power tools, paint, and more! A great place to get hands on experience,  while the car corner is great we also have the basement access to use fabricators, 3D printers, and other things that help our team avoid having to use third party vendors. 


Community Service

We enjoy our surrounding community and campus, and we also want to continue building our organization, so we commit to the community with car shows, car washes, and multiple other ways to promote our organization. 


Resumé Building

There are many travel opportunities that Red Raider Racing members will have to venture on and all of them are chances for a member to enhance their knowledge and gain hands on experience. Some of these travels will be within Lubbock and some may be far in another state, though all equate together when it comes to building a resumé.

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