2019-2020 schedule

Member Events

  • Our member events welcome all non-members! Click "register" to secure your attendance and receive email updates, or contact us directly at our contact page for questions.

Outreach Events

  • These events are carried off campus where members of Red Raider Racing participate in opportunities to build resumes,  apply college material, serve the community and travel. 

Small Business Meetup
Jan 09, 2025, 11:30 AM
San Francisco

Marked by a Yellow Tag!

 - Due to COVID-19 our spring 2020 events are tentative and restrict us from meeting. For more information follow us on social media or visit our media page for recent news. 

 - If you have any questions please visit our contact page to message us, or send an email!

in bound
Virtual Car Competition

April 4th


April 13th

Tech to Town

April 24th

Arbor Day

Virtual FSAE Competition